Ten Questions with Humans

Humans are a Vancouver-based band with an electro-pop sound that goes outside the norm of what we expect from Canada’s most westerly province.  They’re now poised to break out across the country, thanks to a solid new EP and a buzz video. We talked to Humans member Peter Ricq about what the band has done so far and what’s coming next.

Your time together as Humans has been relatively short — did things come together for you quickly, or is it still a work in progress?

Peter: It’s still a work in progress of course and will always be. We both want to grow as a band and individuals, there will always be room for improvement and experimentation, not with each other of course. I guess things came along quickly but not sure, don’t know what’s quick, there must be a diagram somewhere where we can see what the normal band progression is.

How was the experience of recording your EP, Avec Mes Mecs?

P: It was fairly quick. When a song was almost completed, I would invite Robbie over my place, record his singing and guitar, drink beers then he’d go home and I’d record the rest and the next day, Boom! the track was done and I’d post it on our MySpace and see what Robbie thought.

12 tracks later and a year and a half later, we decided on 7 to get mastered and do an official release.

Is there anything you’d do differently the next time you record?

P: We’ll record everything with a real producer who will take the time to fine tune every sound separately. I don’t have time to do that kind of thing so I’m really anxious to hear the difference.

Are there plans for a full-length album in the future?

P: YEP, in May

How did the concept for your video “Bike Home” come together? Was it difficult to execute?

P: Once I got Robbie on board, we had a game plan and in the game plan, a music video production was something I slipped in there. He wasn’t too keen on it but enough to come up with the idea of cops busting a party and then becoming the party. I liked the idea and decided to have those cops be puppets, Robbie didn’t like the idea of the puppets but it was too late, I had already spent the money on getting them made and started storyboarding.

It was shot at a real party where we purchased a keg and got a bunch of friends to show up and be in the BG. took 6 hours to shoot. I was happy when it was over so I could party but all the keg was gone.

You got some widespread attention online for the “Bike Home” video — how has that helped you as a band?

P: Because of that video, we got interest from local promoters who offered us great opening acts. It also caught the attention from this guy Eli Wener. He didn’t understand the buzz surrounding the band until he saw that video, a couple months later, he became our manager.

What’s your favourite venue to play at in Canada?

P: I don’t think it would be fair to answer that question since we’ve only performed in BC

Where have you not yet performed that you’d most like to get to?

P: Any ghetto venue with a killer soundsystem where we can do whatever we want and get people on stage and party with us.

I think this has been a particularly solid year for album releases. What are some of your favourites?

P: Twin Shadow, Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Breakbot, Klaxons, Sleigh Bells, Beach House, I know I’m missing a bunch of great stuff.

It’s nearly the end of 2010 — what’s in the works for Humans for 2011?

P: Well I’m quitting my full time job in April so I’ll be more free to produce more things for Humans. We’ll have our album come out followed by Canadian and U.S. tour dates. Another video will be in the works too.

Photo courtesy of the band


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