Today In Music News: Mon Dec 6

Bjork gives Magma and Maclean’s magazine what for about her interview concerning investment in Icelandic energy.

I am only a spokesperson for how the majority feels. We just need to form it into actions, laws. It is not long since we became independent, 60 years, and we are still learning. A little clumsy at times but stubborn and persistent.

Arcade Fire have hit the big time, as far as some are concerned, now that they’ve gotten Grammy nominations for their third record, The Suburbs. I hope they win in all their categories, but I thought selling out Madison Square Garden was pretty big time already.

Option-G Apparel is offering t-shirts designed by several musicians — including members of Handsome Furs and The Thermals — with proceeds benefitting a variety of charities. My favourite is the one designed by Ladytron, personally.

Rural Alberta Advantage will release their next album, Departing, on March 1 on Saddle Creek/Paper Bag.

Jack White and Third Man Records have taken some heat from fans for selling limited-edition and rare albums on eBay. Everyone better lay off my rock-and-roll boyfriend, Third Man’s Ben Swank commented on the policy and the reasons for it in The Guardian.

What often happens when these things blow up is that we’re only getting half of the story. For instance, I don’t think people will be as repulsed by the fact that we’re auctioning our records when they hear we plan on donating $15,000 to charity from sales of these limited-edition LPs.

But charity donation or not, why can’t a business hawk its own wares on auction sites? I’d argue that the record industry is in trouble, and anything we can do to stay afloat should be condoned. If there are people out there willing to pay for the item, and there certainly are, then why not provide it to them directly and cut the “flipper” out of the picture? The artist and label put the work into the release, so they should profit from it.

The March 27 Juno Awards will be hosted by none other than Drake.

And this is kind of why I don’t like The Smiths, actually.

Photo by verapalsdottir, via Creative Commons


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