Today In Music News: Mon Dec 13

After cancelling some recent tour dates, Dum Dum Girls are planning to tour again in February 2011. I will be hitting that Toronto show at the El Mocambo, for sure.  They’ve got a new EP planned for 2011 too — He Gets Me High will be released on Sub Pop on March 1.

Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene has a second solo album brewing, but he’s not sure about releasing it just yet.

“I want to make another one, [because] I love making records,” Drew says. “The whole process afterwards, the whole competition, it’s a little daunting. But the reason you go in and press record is because you want to create something, you want to get something out of your system and work with certain people again. I very much know there will be way more music coming down the pipe from all of us.”

Robyn performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert. Yeah, that’s right.

Coachella layaway plans for the 2011 festival are now available. This year’s fest runs from April 15 to 17 and tickets run at about $300.

Apparently Japan has managed to continue to have a successful music industry! Until now, anyway.

Physical record sales have been declining for years, and growth within the digital market finally petered out earlier in 2010. In fact, sales of digital products are down 5% quarter-to-quarter from 2009. There are still viable mass-market stars of the girl-pop, “pretty boys,” and nerd-exploitation-pop varieties, but fewer and fewer of them can actually attain any meaningful level of popularity. And the markets for niche material — classical, jazz, blues, rap, metal, etc. — are steadily collapsing.

Colin Meloy of The Decemberists isn’t content with being a successful musician; he’s finalizing work on his first novel.


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