Today in Music News: Tues Jan 4

January! Crazy! That was fast.

HorrorPops fronwoman Patricia Day thinks that Barbie owes her some money for their new Hard Rock Barbie, which she claims resembles her just a bit too closely for her legal comfort. You can click the link to see for yourself — that’s Day above, in the middle.I kind of want to be Bethany of Best Coast, even more now that her band has performed on Fallon’s show. Did she get to meet ?uestlove?!?!?!

Cursed Arrows have just released a new cassette single, Death Rattle Blues — you can get the songs for free on Bandcamp, or pay $3 for the cassette itself, which has a limited run.

Third Man Records is keeping the innovations coming, this time with a fuschia vinyl of the new Wanda Jackson release The Party Ain’t Over. And also some dancing monkeys.

If you get a chance to see The Idlers on their upcoming cross-Canada tour, do it — they put on a fantastic live show.

Photo by Simon Law, via Creative Commons


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