Today in Music News: Wed Jan 12

Shad and Dallas Green (of Alexisonfire and City and Colour) have teamed up for a new single. All the proceeds from the two-track EP go to Skate4Cancer, a charity popular in the music community.

“When I’m a fan of someone, I’m just a huge fan. I’m not really thinking about working with them,” Shad tells Spinner. “Even with Dallas, for the longest time I wasn’t really thinking, ‘Oh, I want to work with him.” It was more like, ‘Oh, I’m just a huge fan.’ I went to see him in small clubs in London [Ontario] five years ago, you know? So I’ve just never really thought of things like that. There’s artists that I love that would maybe be cool to write a song together, but I’m always just kind of content to be a fan.”

Canada’s four major record labels have reached a $45-million settlement in a huge copyright case. The labels have to pay the settlement because of a class-action lawsuit resulting from their use of coyprighted materials without permission of the creators.

Vinyl sales grew again last year, by 14%. That’s still only 2.8 million units sold overall, but it’s the only physical medium for music with rising sales and still noteable in a year where overall album sales were again down by double digits.

In case you’re curious: the top-selling new albums on vinyl were Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, The Black Keys’ Brothers, Vampire Weekend’s Contra, and The National’s High Violet. The overall bestselling vinyl album in 2010 was The Beatles’ Abbey Road. What this shows us is that the majority of people buying records are either old or nerdy — never a good thing when you want something to become hip and popular again — but it does show us that at least someone out there still wants to hold music in their hands.

Chromeo will release an iTunes-exclusive live album, Live From Montreal iTunes Session, on January 18.

Mark Sultan is leaving Montreal for a new home in Toronto. Hopefully this also means he’ll be playing in Toronto more often!

I’ve been going to shows in Montreal since I was 13, and what I have noticed there is it’s very cyclical. There was a time—I’m talking before the Arcade Fire thing—when Montreal was The Shit, when it was definitely more exciting to be in than Toronto.  Even when I wasn’t playing shows, I was just really excited about what was going on. Having been through that, it just started seeming too small. The necessity to really spread your wings and grow isn’t there, sometimes. People are comfortable sometimes keeping it on the low, which is cool, [but] to me, as soon as I started playing music, I wanted to go on tour and see the world.

Photo by thecomeupshow, via Creative Commons


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