TWM Presents at Canadian Music Week Spotlight #1: Bloodgroup


There are going to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 35 acts playing Rancho for Canadian Music Fest this year.  The entire five-day stretch is being co-presented by TWM, and CMF has been gracious enough to let me have a big hand in picking these lineups.  I honestly believe this is the strongest lineup we will have ever presented at any of the music festivals — those of you who have been around a while know that we’ve delivered in a big way in prior years. This column is the first in a series featuring the acts who will be playing, with a little profile of what to expect.

The Band: Bloodgroup ( from Iceland

The Timeslot: Thursday March 10th @ 12:00AM (for the future, for slots at 12AM, 1AM, 2AM, or 3AM I am going to list the day the CMW show began, not the day it actually is at that hour.)
Bloodgroup have been gaining some attention worldwide, having played CMJ, NXNE, and SXSW within the last year or so.  Their sound is a very catchy and dancey electro indie-pop.  The songs are easy listening, but subtly complex and at times huge sounding.  They’ve received a fair amount praise, in particular for their song “My Arms”, an indie-pop virtuoso.  The song literally has everything you could ever ask for in a pop track: haunting strings, huge synths, big bass, killer chorus, hypnotic background vocals, and so much groove.
Bloodgroup are renowned as one of the best live acts in Iceland right now — which whether you know it or not, is one of the world’s hotbeds of awesome indie music.  You can check out a video of them performing their hit, “My Arms” live at CMJ last year here and see for yourself:
What can you expect? A dynamic live show — almost as if Arcade Fire combined with the Radio Dept and decided to start an electro-pop band.  This is electro music duplicated live, not pre-packaged and performed with a bunch of laptops.
If you are not going to be buying a pass this year but are into electro indie-pop music, then the showcase featuring Bloodgroup is perfect for you.  The entire night will be as part of the ongoing monthly Rancho Electro series, co-presented by TWM, with some of the best electro-pop from all over Canada and the world.
Next profile: Writers Strike coming soon.

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