TWM Presents at Canadian Music Week Spotlight #3: Raised by Swans

The Band: Raised by Swans ( from London, Ontario.
The Timeslot: Friday March 11th at 9 PM
What To Expect: As an up-and-coming music promoter, you inevitably start working with a band that features a musician who was hugely influential to you growing up.  For me that happened with an excellent act called Raised by Swans, featuring Eric Howden, whom I previously knew of and loved in Gandharvas.
Raised by Swans are a critically acclaimed, visceral indie-rock/alternative act based out of London, Ontario.  Their songs are atmospheric and written ever so meticulously, taking the listener on a truly intense musical journey.  The band doesn’t tour often, and only comes to Toronto a handful of times per year, so this is a very exciting addition to the stacked CMW/TWM lineup at Rancho Relaxo.
Here is an amazing quote from a recent review the band got in the Montreal Mirror, written by Lorraine Carpenter: “A black and silver sheen drapes their downbeat guitars and pianos in reverb and shimmering gentility…devastating and dark.”

Atom Egoyan is a big fan of the band and used their music in his recent film Chloe.  You can watch a video that combines the two — with a track from the band’s latest album No Ghostless Place — embedded below:

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