Today in Music News: Fri Jan 28

Tegan, Sara and their femullets have begun work on their seventh album.

Mint Records is now twenty years strong — check out the Canadian label’s impressive history, and best wishes to their future!

The relationship between YouTube and music is clearly established by now, but is it a net positive for musicians or not?

Where other ad-supported, on-demand music services have failed or been driven under by lawsuits, free music thrives on YouTube in part because it can offset licensing costs with lucrative video advertisements — and simply because it’s YouTube, and record labels cannot afford not to be there. Rather than pulling their music from the site, most of the major labels embraced it by creating a joint venture with YouTube (Vevo).

The tracklist for the upcoming album from The Strokes is now online. Angles is due for release on March 22.

The CRTC has revoked the licensing for Ryerson University’s community radio station after a hearing that followed a number of complaints from the public.

The C For The Cure fundraiser features acts like Evening Hymns and Timber Timbre, and raises money to help Bruce Peninsula member Neil Haverty while he fights Acute Promyelocitic Leukemia. I can attest to the fact that even in a country that (thankfully) has public healthcare, this sort of long illness can do a number on the finances. Check it out in Toronto this Saturday, January 29, at the Music Gallery.

Photo by Matt Goulet, via Creative Commons


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