Today in Music News: Wed Feb 2

It’s been rumoured for a while, but The White Stripes have officially called it quits.

The White Stripes do not belong to Meg and Jack anymore. The White Stripes belong to you now and you can do with it whatever you want. The beauty of art and music is that it can last forever if people want it to. Thank you for sharing this experience. Your involvement will never be lost on us and we are truly grateful.

Spoon recorded a couple of Take Away Show videos while in France. Awesome.

Are you excited about the return of The Wedge on Much Music? I sure am. Damien Abraham, the new host — better known as Pink Eyes of Fucked Up — is too.

Popular indie record labels are exploring Africa’s rich history of popular music with a host of new releases.

Part of the joy of discovery for such music fans is the sheer variety of styles to be found on a continent that has a billion people living in more than 50 countries and is the ancestral home of American genres like jazz and the blues. The South African quartet known as Blk Jks favors a heavy rock sound, at times reminiscent of King Crimson, while the music of the Good Ones, whose “Kigali Y’ Izahabu” has just been released on Dead Oceans, is simplicity itself: voices and unamplified guitars, singing and playing in tuneful harmony.

Dinosaur Bones will release their first full-length for Dine Alone, My Divider, on March 8. They’ll prep for the release by touring around Ontario for much of this month — they play a show in Ottawa tomorrow night.

Bran Van 3000 has been reborn, again.

“It was pretty amazing,” recalls de facto frontman James Di Salvio. “We didn’t do anything. They were asking me to do some TV and stuff like that a few days right before show time, which I decided I was too busy working on the music to do it.” So it was as much of a surprise to Di Salvio and company as it was to everyone outside Montreal when all those people showed up to witness the onstage reunion.

“You just don’t know what’s going on until you look behind the curtain and there’s 200,000 people. It’s quite a trip after not having management for 10 years.”

Halifax Pop Explosion 2011 is now open for submissions. The festival takes place over October 18 to 22.

Tiny Mix Tapes writer Brendan Mahoney passed away on the weekend, at the too-young age of 24. RIP and our condolences.

Photo by Flatcoat, via Creative Commons


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