TWM Presents at Canadian Music Week Spotlight #6: Adverteyes (Guelph)

The Band: Adverteyes (Guelph)

The Timeslot: Friday March 11th at 2 AM

What to expect? Those who were in attendance at Adverteyes show at Rancho early this year were witness to one of the most impressive performances our stage has seen in some time. Their sound technician jokingly referenced their complicated stage setup: “who do they think they are, Arcade Fire?” But the funny thing is, when I listen to their band I can’t help but think of complicated indie bands like Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene — if they were writing songs in a darker, experimental, almost post-rock style. But don’t just take my word for it, here is what Lonely Vagabond had to say:

“Adverteyes remains a beacon of hope for buzz-worthy bands from Guelph which in recent years has been a hotbed of indie talent (Green Go, The Magic, Brides). Best described as majestic art-rock, this six-piece draws influences from Radiohead, The Beatles, and The Mars Volta, melding swirly hard-rock with prog-like bombast, splashes of psych-folk pop, accented with twinkling keyboard passages and melodic vocal harmonies. Definitely not lacking in creativity and eclecticism, Adverteyes nails it down with a cohesive sonic aesthetic. Great band.”

The next band to burst out of Guelph? I’d bet on it. Check a video for Adverteyes single “Ward” below:


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One response to “TWM Presents at Canadian Music Week Spotlight #6: Adverteyes (Guelph)

  1. Nigel

    This band is so rad. I highly recommend their album, and equally their live set.

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