TWM Presents at Canadian Music Week Spotlight #8: Qualite Motel

The Band: Qualite Motel (Misteur Valaire alter-ego/side project) from Montreal

The Timeslot: Thursday March 10th at 1 AM

What to expect? A few years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Misteur Valaire perform for one of the festivals at Sneaks. In truth, it was almost an accident and I had no idea what to expect. Ever since I’ve dreamed of getting the band at Rancho.

That dream almost happened, but their current stage setup is so immense that you need a room like the Phoenix to house it. Actually, that is exactly where they are playing earlier this very same night, opening up for USS.

But after that, they are going to hop into some phone booths, transform into Qualite Motel and rush on down to the Rancho! In their own words, this is what to expect: “It’s a minimalist band that decided to trade their usual heavy electro-acoustic material for five turntables each, including a beat machine. The result is great remixes of their original material. On the menu: vintage drum machines, cheap synthesizers and samples tossed together for a great party!”

Taking a listen to their MySpace and cruising around the YouTube videos, I would describe their sound as a wild, non-stop, old-school, electro dance party. If you like Daft Punk, fun and dancing, and do not like eating babies, then you are in for a good time.

If you aren’t sold, check the video:


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