TWM Presents at Canadian Music Week Spotlight #9: AWOLNATION

The Band: AWOLNATION (parts unknown)

The Timeslot: Thurs March 10th at 12:00 AM as part of TWM Presents: Rancho Electro Volume 3

What to expect? There is some mystery about AWOLNATION; for the life of us, we cannot figure where they are from, how to get contact info for them, or if they have in fact been signed to Sony (as I heard rumoured).

What we do know is that AWOLNATION has just been on tour with MGMT. That they are exploding all over the place. That even Sam Ronson is remixing their songs and that their sound is incredible and actually really hard to properly define.

Their debut EP is a blistering 14 minutes, and in that time they manage to cover more genres than I can fit in this little blurb. “Burn it down” is a franticly dark disco-punk-electro mash up that you might be more comfortable finding a rhythm to mosh to than you could figure out how to spasmodically dance to. It also happens to be brilliant.

That leads into “Guilty Filthy Soul” which has an underground Jamie Lidell — but way less beautified — sound to me. The juxtaposition of listening to the two songs right next to each other is about the best way to get a feel for just how intriguing a band AWOLNATION is. So this band, whose name means absent without leave, who have a trail of clues about them on the internet but who are very much a mystery, are coming to Toronto to give us the biggest clue of them all. Come find out for yourself!

Check out the below video from a show in Austin, Texas with them performing the aforementioned “Burn it Down.”



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