Today in Music News: Tues Feb 22

Chris Eaton of Rock Plaza Central has just completed a new book of short stories, and Herohill is giving away an electronic copy.

Belarusian band Lynapis Trubetskoy made this sweet tilt-shift music video featuring Toronto.

This sounds pretty badass: Call*Reponse is a book about the Winnipeg music scene, as told by musicians, photographers and fans.

Polaris winners Karkwa are hitting the road with Plants and Animals in March.

ChadVanGaalen has a new album coming out soon, one that was fueled by his response to criticism of his earlier work.

“There’s been like four records in between ‘Soft Airplane‘ and now that have kind of been rejected by either me, or Flemish Eye or Sub Pop,” he tells Spinner. “It was just them kind of coming back and saying, ‘Really? You want to put out a super s—– four-track record?’ And me being, ‘Ah, maybe not.’

“It was never that anyone was saying flat-out no,” VanGaalen continues. “It was like, ‘We will do it, but really? We think you can probably do something that’s more interesting.'”

Sloan are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band, and we are all old.

Photo by Oliver Lopena, via Creative Commons


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