Free Album: Deep Elm’s Postrockology (Various Artists)

Deep Elm Records may be a well known name to hardcore fans of the indie-rock and emo genres, but in the past few years they’ve also been amassing a huge amount of talented post-rock bands

Deep Elm compilations have the tendency to be some of the best in their respective genres (just look at their Emo Diaries series), and Postrockology is no exception. Even better, it’s free! So if you’re a fan of the post-rock genre, you have no business skipping this comp. It features songs by Last Lungs, Dorena, Athletics, and two choice tracks from the terrific band The Appleseed Cast.

Download and Stream Postrockology Here.

post • rock — noun [pohst – rok] 1. a subgenre of rock characterized by the use of musical instruments commonly associated with rock music, but employing nontraditional rhythms, harmonies, melodies, timbres, textures, chord progressions and song structures 2. cinematic, hypnotic and cerebral music that is typically instrumental, but not always 3. a rebellion against the mainstream co-opting of alternative rock 4. an amalgamation of ambient, experimental, indie, progressive, space, shoegazer and electronic rock for non-rock purposes 5. an epic, emotional and musical journey through which the listener is transported to hope from despair 6. arguably inadequate as a concise descriptor 7. the subject of a stunning hi-res compilation issued by Deep Elm Records featuring many of the brightest artists dominating the post-rock scene today. (DER-530)

01. Athletics – “Why Aren’t I Home?” from the album Why Aren’t I Home?
02. Moonlit Sailor – “1994” from the album So Close To Life
03. Moving Mountains – “8105” from the album Pneuma
04. The Appleseed Cast – “Steps And Numbers” from the album Low Level Owl, Vol. 1
05. Dorena – “From The Window Of My Room” from the album About Everything And More
06. The Cast Before The Break – “Sleep” from the forthcoming album Still
07. Last Lungs – “Oh, Good Morning” from the album Look At That Old Grizzly Bear
08. Goonies Never Say Die – ” Nothing Remains Forever” from the album No Words To Voice Our Hopes…
09. I Am Sonic Rain – “Fog Is Drowning Us” from the album Between Whales And Feverish Lights
10. Race Car Riot – “Thirteen Thirty-Three Seventeen” from the album Unreleased No. 3
11. Moving Mountains – “Sol Solis” from the album Pneuma
12. The Appleseed Cast – “Storms” from the album Mare Vitalis

“There’s some impressive post-rock blasting out of Deep Elm’s communal speakers right now.” – In Forty

“Deep Elm Records has an amazing track record of consistency. While labels around them seem to adopt genres, change styles, break, fold and sell, this totally independent enterprise has never once wavered and for years now, has released some of the most captivating records.” – MT Chronicle

“Deep Elm has their finger on the pulse when it comes to beautiful, well-written ambient rock.” – StereoKiller


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