Piper Davis @ El Mocambo

CMW can really highlight the weirdness of Toronto crowds. It’s awkward to have a performer ask people to come within six feet of the stage more than once during a set, and more awkward when nobody listens. The post-song reactions made it clear that the audience was enjoying Piper Davis; why the lack of visible excitement?

In any case, Davis was a good last-minute pick. Her quirky blues vocals are a good mix with her bass-heavy beats, which she creates herself. I picked up her EP and will put it on my iPhone tomorrow, I think.


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One response to “Piper Davis @ El Mocambo

  1. Gotta say, I thought Piper Davis was just awful. I didn’t get the sense the crowd was into her at all, and she pretty much gave up on establishing any kind of rapport halfway through the set. I get what her and her band are trying to be, but man, they just don’t have the chops to actually do it.

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