Today In Music News: Tue Mar 15

In really sad news, Gerard Smith of TV On The Radio has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Get well soon!

Microsoft is finally, belated laying the Zune to rest. RIP?

David Lynch has shifted interest in the music industry lately, and the most recent news is that he’ll be directing a Duran Duran live webcast.

As for what we can expect from the man behind Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive and The Elephant Man, Lynch said, “The idea is to try and create on the fly, layers of images permeating Duran Duran on the stage. A world of experimentation and, hopefully, some happy accidents.”

How’s this for an incredible collaboration: Four Tet, Burial, and Thom York. They’re teaming up for a 12″ split record featuring “Ego” and “Mirror”. Burial and Four Tet are no strangers either, they previously worked together on the “Moth” / “Wolf Cub” single.

Toronto’s biggest hardcore/punk band Fucked Up have announced more information about their upcoming record David Comes To Life, including the 06/0711 release date.

In a recent interview, Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham told us a bit more about David Comes to Life: “It’s about a guy, David, who works at a light bulb factory. He falls in love with this activist. She subsequently dies during an accident. You never really find out what the accident is because we couldn’t think of it [laughs]. Then David’s on trial. There’s this prosecutor who was secretly in love with the activist but is also aware that he’s in a play. Then it gets really heady and drugged-out.”

Photo by jamieleto via Creative Commons


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