Solaris Sun Glaze: New project from Sprengjuhollin’s Atli

A couple of years ago, Sprengjuhollin played Rancho Relaxo for one of the festivals, and I loved them immediately. This Icelandic band played Rancho again on tour, and they were still great — poppy, catchy and lots of fun on stage — and also proved to be really nice guys. So I’m pretty happy to tell you about a new project from Sprengjuhollin’s Atli Buttlesson, Solaris Sun Glaze.

Atli is living in Montreal now, and has just released a Solaris Sun Glaze track, “Winter Wooskie”, on Soundcloud. It’s got that pop sensibility I enjoyed in Sprengjuhollin but with an electro sound.

Looking forward to hearing more from Atli. Come play Toronto soon!

While you’re listening to awesome Icelanders, check out the minilogues video we shot with Sprengjuhollin.


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