New Releases: Tuesday, April 12th

Here’s a quick rundown of some major releases hitting shelves today in music stores:

Indie hip-hop artist Atmosphere has a new record called The Family Sign. I haven’t heard a lot of his later releases, but I enjoyed a few of his earlier albums (like Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs).

Brooklyn, New York’s Crystal Stiltsalbum titled In Love With Oblivion drops today. The record finds their noise-pop just as balanced as ever, and is sitting at a cool 83 on Metacritic right now.

Filed under F you’ll find the new Foo Fighters and The Feelies albums. The former’s Wasting Light is being hailed as a return to form, as Pat Smear returns to the group after a lengthly absence. The latter dropped Here Before into stores today, their first since 1991’s Time For A Witness. Here Before scored a 7.5 this morning on Pitchfork, and is said to lean towards their late-career power-pop. Check it out.

Low‘s new disc C’mon is yet another in a long line of slowcore releases from the Duluth band, who have been around since the early ’90s. C’mon was recorded in a Catholic Church where the band previously recorded their 2002 record Trust.

Panda Bear‘s long awaited Tomboy has been streaming online thanks to NPR, but today you can run out and grab your physical copies of the critically acclaimed psych-pop LP.

If you’re feeling more like a throwback, you could check out the new Thursday album No Devolucion, which is apparently surprisingly good… or you could just listen to Full Collapse again.

Vivian Girls have another record of fuzzy punk rock out called Share The Joy. A few initial reviews have said the record sounds a little stale and that the girls might be running out of steam, but what’s your take?

And lastly the new TV On The Radio album Nine Types Of Light is out today. A friend of mine said that it sounded like if TVOTR recorded their version of a Coldplay record, except not at all in a bad way. I don’t know exactly how apt that description is, but it sounds interesting nonetheless.


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