Stream Laura Stevenson & the Cans’ Sit Resist All Month

Brooklyn’s Laura Stevenson & The Cans have a new record out today called Sit Resist, and to celebrate the release they’re streaming it for free all month through Soundcloud. Laura Stevenson (one time member of Bomb The Music Industry!) has musical pedigree in her blood, her Grandfather was the composer of “The Little Drummer Boy” and her Grandmother the vocalist for the Benny Goodman Orchestra. So it’s no surprise Sit Resist leans towards the traditional end of the indie-folk spectrum, while still maintaining a modern sound with lush grandiose pop arrangements. It also doesn’t hurt that Laura has one of those killer voices, that combined with subtle yet hooky melodies will have you coming back for more.

More information and the Soundcloud stream can be found through the jump.

Over the course of the album’s thirteen songs, you’ll hear the band weld a variety of musical styles that dreamily caress and nurture one another into a wholly unique rendering of Americana. “Master of Art” with its Phil Spector-esque, girl-group tease of an intro, explodes with the energy of Stevenson’s voice – an instrument that is as strong as it is lovely. “Caretaker” conjures up ghosts and memories of homes inevitably / regrettably left behind. You’ll find major-key resolution in the juxtaposed tale that is “The Healthy One,” and “I See Dark” waltzes you, dear listener, into the lonely night, hand-in-hand.

“Brooklyn’s Laura Stevenson & The Cans make the good kind of indie rock: the beaming, soaring, cloud-gazing, theatrical kind; the nu-sensitivo version of ‘all killer no filler.'” – Christopher Weingarten, The Village Voice


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