Stream Sleeping Bag’s Self-Titled Debut

To say that I’ve been anticipating the debut record from the Bloomington, IN band Sleeping Bag would be quite an understatement. Ever since I heard the lead-off track and first single “Slime” on bandcamp, I’ve been hooked. It’s such a catchy song (in a “listen to it every morning on repeat” kind of way) that I was sure their debut would live up to the high expectations I had already placed upon it.

Well after what seemed like ages to me — but in actuality wasn’t that long of a wait — the self-titled record is up and ready to be streamed. Just in time for summer too! Sleeping Bag may sound like they are another throwback band, but to me they have so many influences and quirks that they don’t fall into the “nostalgic gimmick” category. This is impeccably played indie rock straight through, and while every song might not hit as hard as “Slime” initially did, they are all stuffed with hooks. A few songs even skirt towards that beach-y indie rock sound (Beach Fossils, Real Estate, etc) that was so popular last year.

Dare I say that this might be the pop record of the summer? The heat is on the way so the time is right for an out and out hazy pop album like this. Stream it now, I tell you! And if you need me I’ll be wearing this stream out on repeat, by the way.


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