Checking out Minus World, an awesome Halifax electro act

I got a press release today for a huge-sounding, electro indie-rock act out of Halifax by the name of Minus World. After reading the lead line in the press release — which compared them to Hey Rosetta! with Nintendo cartridge-style sound effects and David Bowie flourishes — I did what most sane people would do and clicked the link to their Bandcamp. For a limited time, they are allowing you to download their album Slashes for free!

And while the above comparison (made by their publicist) is a pretty bold statement, to say the least, it actually quite accurately describes what you`ll hear if you do go check them out. Particularly the Nintendo part — those touches manage to succeed when they easily could have become overly cheesy. But what truly sets this EP apart is that they basically take guitars out of the equation altogether, replacing them with crazy innovative keyboards and various other creative sounds.

Inevitably some will find this to be over-the-top or too far away from your typical band-setup comfort zone, but you probably figured that out by now if you`ve read this far. Minus World sounds like a Halifax band that would fit right into the burgeoning electro-pop scene in Toronto. It sounds like a tour is forthcoming, so keep an eye out for future dates. In the meantime, grab the album!


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