Check out the first music video from Planet Creature

From the first time they ever played a set for me, which incidentally may have been the first time they ever played a live set anywhere, I knew that Planet Creature were going to be one of the coolest bands in Toronto.  Back then it was rough around the edges, the songs weren’t fully developed, the set was shorter than short — but you could still feel they were on the verge of something.  A few years have passed now and history has proven that my instinct was correct as Planet Creature are now one of the finest bands on the rise in the city.

They’ve just released their debut video for a song called “Das Pirates” which completely fits the Planet Creature ethic.  It’s dreamy, it’s catchy and yet the video itself is actually rather dark.  It’s centered around an adorable young “couple” of probably 12-years-olds sharing an ice cream cone gone awry due to some bullying, and then some seriously devilish retribution. The songs fits it perfectly, and it really is quite an impressive-looking video as it feels like it could have been shot 30-40 years ago.

The song is bigger sounding than the Planet Creature I once knew.  They’ve tightened up a hell of a lot and added a very hypnotic 60s-pop/shoegazer element to their sound.  They have all sorts of local shows coming in June/July at venues like the Garrison, Parts & Labour, the Garage and the Toronto Underground so if you haven’t seen them in a while or just plain haven’t seen them yet, go out and support your local music scene.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you don’t trust me, then just watch the damn video will you?

Photo by Patti Farias


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