Rapper Transit gives a shout-out to the Calgary music scene

I will complain about our music scene from time to time, I’ll admit that, but the fact is that we are so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive community in Toronto.  It’s a city with so many venues to play, so many bands to play them, and so many hard-working individuals putting on shows and writing blogs — and of course, all of you who attend the shows and makes everything work. 

One thing I often hear from people trying to make music in a city without as supportive of a scene — or even a scene at all — is how jealous they are of what we have in Toronto.  But Calgary based hip-hop artist Transit isn’t just sitting idly by; he is trying to do something about it with his recently released song simply titled “Calgary”.  The song is written about the Calgary music scene and some of the stereotypes people have about it.  It features the name dropping of 30 local Calgary bands/artists, spanning all sorts of different genres, that are playing music that isn’t all about cowboys.  And while you aren’t going to find any Jann Arden CDs in my collection, I must admit that her appearing on the song and sing the hook is a pretty incredible move on her part.  Hell, the mayor of Calgary is even in the video!

This is a really cool idea and the type of thing that young artists playing in cities where the music scene is there, but not as established as it might be in places like Toronto or Montreal, can be doing to get the word out about what is going on musically in your town.  As well, Transit himself has some great flow and manages to name drop all these artists and write lyrics that don’t sound cheesy — because let’s face it, right now you might be thinking, how can anyone do this without it coming off cheesy?

Watch for yourself.

Thanks to Elise Roller of Go For the Eyes, an awesome Calgary indie band who played CMW at Rancho last year, for the heads up to this.




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One response to “Rapper Transit gives a shout-out to the Calgary music scene

  1. Glad to see you recognize this! Best Video out of Calgary right now! Proud to have been a part of it!!!

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