Two Way Monologues and Buying Shots Present — the Officially Unofficial NXNE Party!

Hey guys!  I wanted to take a minute and write to you about an upcoming special event that Two Way Monologues will be putting on with our brethren over at Buying Shots For Bands,  Over the years, TWM has only done a couple of co-presented showcases, so you know that we are picky about who we team up with.  That said, as soon as I decided I wanted a co-presenter for the Officially Unofficial NXNE Afterparty we are throwing on Sunday June 19th, Buying Shots were the people I wanted to talk to.  Why?

Because in my opinion, Buying Shots, more than almost any other blog going right now, are covering some of the coolest stuff going on in music and most importantly, they do it on their terms.  If you run a blog in Toronto, you are going to see tons of press releases and there is pressure to cover certain things over other things.  Trust me, I know the pressure and that pressure is more immense now than it has been at any point in my career working in music in Toronto.  But the good people over at Buying Shots run a very balanced and unique mix of articles, interviews, contest, etc. that has helped them go from an upstart blog to making it almost to the very end of the CBC Searchlight contest for best music website in Canada.  So, it was not a decision I made lightly when I asked Buying Shots to be a part of this undoubtedly epic night, and we at team TWM were ecstatic to hear that they were down.

So, what is this party about anyhow?
Here’s the deal!  NXNE does programming from Wednesday to Sunday.  But they are only doing a really small number of venues on the Sunday night.  The Rancho Relaxo is not one of those venues — but there are so many people in town looking for music, and so many bands looking to play as often as possible, that I throw the Officially Unofficial NXNE Afterparty every year at the Ranch on the Sunday night.  If you have an NXNE bracelet, a performer pass or a media pass, you get in for free.  Otherwise, it’s just six bucks for six bands!

I know what you are thinking, “But Dan, its a Sunday night — how in the hell are you going to fit six bands in before last call?”  Well, that is an excellent question.  The beauty of it all is that we actually have extended last call to 4AM that night, if we so decide to use it.  We will run the show on NXNE time, which means doors are at 8PM and the first band is on at 8:30PM, with the next five acts playing every hour thereafter.

And who are these bands?  For that, I suggest you check out the Facebook event: That event has full details on who is playing, what the set times are and why they are going to be your new favourite band.  In the meantime, how about you stream the track “A. is for Animal” by the excellent Montreal band HONHEEHONHEE (pronounced honey honey and not ho-hee-ho-hee, which is what I thought — what with them being from Quebec and all).

They are playing the 9:30PM slot at Rancho for this show and at 2AM the night before at the El Mocambo.  They are easily the best band I’ve heard out of Montreal since Parlovr.  Check them out, and I hope to see a bunch of you zombies out on the Sunday of NXNE!

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