Fucked Up release their new album with a pop-up shop

A record’s release used to be a big deal, a bonafide Event. Now you probably heard the album before you got your hands on a physical copy, if you did at all. (Patronize your local awesome record store!) Fucked Up are working to bring some of that magic back with their latest idea: a pop-up record store for the release of their new album, David Comes to Life.

The pop-up shop will open at 11:30PM tonight in Toronto, at the Clint Roenisch Gallery. Along with their new album, they’ll also be selling older albums and some rare materials, so this could be a great chance to fill out your collection. And free beer! You know you want that. If you can’t make it out to the shop at night, it’ll also be open in the same location tomorrow afternoon.

Do you remember when music was cool, and people actually went out to buy records in person? Do you remember watching the news and seeing footage of all the freaks lining up outside of HMV** on Yonge street to buy “Sweet Dreams” by Marylin Manson or “Load” By Metallica? I do! Now, we would never attempt to replicate the admiration of the Anti-Crist himself, or the sheer repulsion of the under arm stench that coincides with being a fan of Metallica’s “load” album – but We, Fucked Up, invite you to come and celebrate the release of our new rock opera, musical , party time, i swear this ain’t emo, bop-o-rama, punker classic 12″ “DAVID COMES TO LIFE”, in the MIDNIGHT MADNESS sale of the century!!!

Meanwhile, the band was featured today in the Globe and Mail.

The titular protagonist works in the basement of a light-bulb factory, in the dark for the brightness of others. Though Haliechuk, 31, once told an interviewer that he himself had toiled in a bulb works, it wasn’t true. But the juxtapositional occupation stuck with him, enough that it became the starting point for a four-act “rock opera” that begins in a bleak place and winds its way to something much brighter and hopeful.

“Empty the theatre, rush through the door, start living the life you never could before,” encourages the lead throatist, Damian Abraham (a.k.a. Pink Eyes), on the album’s resolving conclusion Lights Go Up – truth and cheesy Broadway advice from the record’s shape-shifting narrative.

Exciting things are in the works for Fucked Up, I think.

Photo by mehan


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