New Releases: Tuesday, June 7th

Here’s a quick rundown of some major releases hitting shelves today in music stores:

Fucked Up release their new record David Comes To Life today — you may have read about their pop-up store elsewhere on TWM. The hardcore band’s third LP is quite brilliant, fusing Rock Opera thematics with their brand of hardcore experimentalism. Expect everything from hooky female backing vocals to noise-guitar textural movements and even a few electronic flourishes. It’s pretty great, go get it!

The Arctic Monkeys have a new disc — Suck It And See — out today. I didn’t find myself as addicted to their last record Humbug as I was with Your Favorite Worst Nightmare, but the new one is actually growing on me. Oddly enough I hear Josh Homme’s influence  more on the new record (which he didn’t produce) than I did on Humbug (which he did). Hmm..

Buzzband Cults have their self-titled out on Lily Allen’s Columbia Records “In The Name Of” imprint today. The Manhattan based band skyrocketed from having a catchy Bandcamp single to major label debut in record time. Early reviews claim that they aren’t just a one-hit wonder though.

The new Black Lips record Arabia Mountain finds the Lips receiving a bit of a sonic polish from producer Mark Ronson, but their retro-pop sing-a-longs are still in fine form. It may be a bit less psychedelic (I for one loved their freakier stuff), but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great record to spend the summer with.

Battles may have lost a vocalist before they released their new album Gloss Drop today, but the new album features a slew of guest vocalists who all fit well with the band’s signature art-math-pop. It hasn’t grabbed me in a way that Mirrored did, but it’s a fine listen straight through and may just grow on me.

Oh, and Robert Pollard has a new album called Lord of the Birdcage. Listen, I’m a GBV fanboy, but when DOESN’T Mr. Pollard have a new album? Damn.


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