Catching up with the Davey Parker Radio Sound

Let me tell you a story about a band called the Davey Parker Radio Sound, forever more (as for as this article goes) known as the DPRS.  This is a story about how TWM and the DPRS came to know one another.  It’s a somewhat bizarre story, but a fun one that has culminated with the band finally putting out their debut album, In a Land of Wolves And Thieves.

See, TWM and the DPRS go back to the days when MySpace was actually useful and a way for promoters andp bands to communicate with one another.  One way or another, I found myself on the DPRS MySpace and I really dug what I heard, particularly a song called “I Tasted Your Love” which actually ended up making it on the new album.  They had a really cool 60s psych/blues sound combined with a garage thing going on, and it stood out as something nobody in Toronto was really doing right then. 
So of course, I asked them to play a show, and then I asked them to play again, and again, but they kept saying no for some reason.  Fascinated now, I started to check if they were playing other shows and noticed they just were not playing in Toronto.  So finally I asked them a different question, “Do you guys even play shows?  Or are you just a MySpace band?”.  Admittedly, a dick move on my part — but seriously, some bands just exist on social networking sites but never play shows.  I wanted to know if the DPRS were one of those bands, so I would stop wasting my time if they were.  Shortly thereafter we booked a show, and it turned out that not only were the DPRS a really promising and fun live band, but pretty damn solid dudes as well.
Over the years we’ve done a bunch of shows, but one in particular was seriously epic: last year at NXNE, when the DPRS played just before the Asteroid #4, at my favourite night of the festival.  Around that time they’d been talking to me about an album that was getting close to coming out.  Turns out it would be nearly a year before it would surface, but if you take a listen to their Bandcamp  I think you’ll agree it was well worth the wait.
The DPRS play a style and genre where all to often the musicians take themselves and their image so seriously that you can hear it in the music.  Done properly, this music should have some fun to it.  You can do this stuff seriously without having to live and breathe it, you know what I mean?  Just because you play psyched-out jangly blues rock doesn’t mean you need to get all drugged up to do so.
This year you can catch the DPRS at the Hideout on June 17th for NXNE.  They are sharing the bill with some other really awesome acts of similar genres who also don’t think their shit doesn’t stink: the Polymorphines, Black Magick Fox, and the Connoisseurs of Porn in particular.  It’s actually a pretty damn sweet bill, even if the Hideout isn’t my favourite place to go see live bands.
It’s well worth considering a stop by during your festival run — and if you do, please consider grabbing a couple of In A Land Of Wolves and Thieves, a debut album that sounds like anything but. Don’t go to sleep on the DPRS; they are doing things a bit differently but they are on to something.  Trust me.

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  1. AmesBower

    Sweet write up. I’ll try be sure to check’em out.

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