Enjoy Your Pumas: These Pumas are rather fresh

(I couldn’t help myself.)

A lot of bands come to Toronto to play NXNE from pretty far away — like Enjoy Your Pumas, who are coming east from Winnipeg for the first time. That’s no short-haul trip, guys.

“I think thats part of the reason that it’s taken us so long to go out touring,” said Pumas singer Rosie Blais, even though the band has been together for four years. So because they’re driving all the way out here anyway, the band has decided to add on shows around Ontario that work with their NXNE schedule, which has them playing at Sneaky Dee’s at Friday June 17 at 9pm.

Their inability to tour too far afield hasn’t prevented this band, which you should check out if you’re a fan of Metric or Dragonette, from finding fans outside of their hometown. Enjoy Your Pumas got some blog love, which has helped them gain fans from far-flung corners. “I’m always amazed when you look at our Facebook and you can see where our fans are,” Rosie said.

Being that it’s their first tour, the band doesn’t have too many expectations — they just want to play well and network. “Part of the experience of doing this showcase and doing the tour is meeting other bands and making those connections.” Playing outside of their own city is the first step to something bigger, Rosie said. “”It doesnt feel like we’re a band that can break the glass ceiling.” That’s why they plan to play out west in July, with more out-of-town shows in the works for September.

You can catch Enjoy Your Pumas on Friday June 17 at Sneaky Dee’s, and on Saturday June 18 at Trinity Bellwoods park, where they’ll be playing an acoustic set.


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