Wednesday NXNE Round Up: Washington & The Love Machine

Washington @ the Supermarket

One of my favourite aspects of the festival scene is the ability to jump from show to show and experience different genres, sounds, crowds and venues that might otherwise not show up on your radar. Last night I took a break from the pop-rock and standing room only shows for a more relaxed set at The Supermarket. My fellow TWM reviewer and I were lucky enough to snag a booth in front of the soundboard just as Megan Washington sat down behind her keyboard.

Performing under the moniker Washington, this Australian singer-songwriter will appeal to fans of Colleen Brown and Christine Fellows. At first it seemed as though Washington alone with the keyboard might not be able to command the room, but it quickly became apparent that she had enough presence and charm to fill a much larger venue. Washington is at times whimsical, quirky and bombastic using her impressive vocal range and the keys to create a soundscape that was complex and riveting. Between songs Washington displayed an almost raw honesty that only added to the intimate atmosphere.

The Love Machine @ Rancho Relaxo

What really needs to be said about The Love Machine? I think it must be impossible to be in the dark when it comes to these Ottawa indie rockers. With a loyal following, lots of media buzz and tales of high energy shows their set was my top pick for the night and they didn’t disappoint. It was close quarters up front, but that didn’t stop the crowd from dancing and singing along, and in one case, enthusiastic fist pumping. Their stage banter was as engaging as their music and it was great to see the band having as much fun as the crowd.

Meghan Swinkels


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