Free Stream: Broadcaster’s Joyride EP

Who’s up for a Joyride? Hailing from Long Island, Broadcaster recently self-released their aptly titled Joyride EP. If you’re thinking of hitting that gas pedal any time soon, this might be a good one to load up on your iPod or *gasp*, even a CD or tape. If you’re a fan of The Figgs, the first Fountains Of Wayne album, Superchunk, or The Thermals (see: woah-oh-oh’s), then you should be heading over to their Bandcamp page to download the record. At only 18 seconds over the 10 minute mark, Joyride doesn’t stick around too long after it injects some crunchy guitars and catchy choruses into your boodstream. And is it just me or do I hear a tiny bit of Benjamins in here?

Anyway, Broadcaster are doing this stuff well, and I’ll always have room for well-played power-pop in my music collection. I know I get some flack for being too into this kind of poppy indie rock, but if you haven’t heard yet: it’s summer guys. Jump in a car and make room for Broadcaster’s Joyride EP. But only if you like having fun.


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