Put This In Your Ears #2: A Stream Round Up

New and notable free album streams from around the ‘net.

It’s time for another stream round-up, guys. Sorry about last week. I didn’t have the time, and on Monday there didn’t seem to be a lot of new streams. Here’s what is streaming as of Monday, July 11th:

Exclaim.ca has the new record It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out from Vancouver’s In Medias Res streaming. They wrote:

In its track descriptions, a press release utilizes phrases like “carefully crafted,” “unholy squall” and “sweetly melodic” while emphasizing “the band’s strengths of creativity, diversity and the rare gift of sounding more than the sum of its parts.”

For all of you ravenous REM fans, their ’86 album Life’s Rich Pageant has been reissued and packed full of demos, lost songs, and even one brand new track. On top of all that, they’ve given it a shiny coat of remastering, so it sounds better than ever. If you’re a long-time fan or new to their discography, check it out regardless over at Spinner.ca’s Listening Party.

Speaking of Listening Party, let’s what else is going on there. Alkaline Trio‘s Damnesia is up, featuring choice picks from their back catalog played acoustically. It also features two new songs and a Violent Femmes cover (“I Held Her In My Arms”). To be honest, I’ve only recently checked out Alkaline Trio’s stuff, and I have to say I haven’t made it to their newer albums yet. That said, the idea of an acoustic album doesn’t exactly excite me, but who knows? Maybe this will be cool.

The long-awaited When Fish Ride Bicycles LP has arrived from The Cool Kids. I was a huge fan of The Bake Sale EP and have been patiently waiting for the debut full length, so I’m pumped to finally hear it. But oddly, it features a guest spot from Asher Roth. Seriously? I guess they balance that with the appearance from Ghostface Killa, though.

The London Souls are described on Spinner as “Like the beat-me-up blues of Cream with the round and regal vocals of Elvis Costello…”, and although I haven’t heard their self-titled record yet, that sounds interesting to me. Consider it on my “to listen” list.

Finally, some other albums up that sound interesting include: the fuzzed out Street Eaters, the noisy beauty of Grooms, and Mike Watt & Kira Roessler’s dos.

Lastly, over at NPR’s First Listen you can check out the new Pokey LaFarge, Amy LaVere, and Elenor Friedberger (of Firey Furnaces) records. Lots of stuff for you today, so get listening!

Dan Gorman

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