Put This In Your Ears #3: A Stream Round Up

New and notable free album streams from around the ‘net.

It’s Monday, and that means there are some brand new streams up this morning. Part of me is disappointed that the Grooms record Prom has been taken down off Spinner.ca, but I guess I’ll just have to go buy it. I don’t think I included it in my last round-up, but I happened to try it out and it totally grew on me. Anywho, here’s a selection of records on Spinner.ca now:

The new They Might Be Giants record Join Us is up, their first album not created for children since 2007’s The Else. They Might Be Giants are one of my favourite bands, but lately their output hasn’t been stellar. The Else was a decent record — and was a step up from The Spine — but Join Us doesn’t really jump out at me. It has a few alright tracks, but overall it sounds very forgettable. What do you think?

Psych-garage band Crystal AntlersTwo-Way Mirror has been called “a good but flawed album, with plenty of things to excite”, and “a strong return to form”. It’s also their first record to not be released through Touch & Go records. I haven’t heard this one yet, as I’m not super familiar with their output, but it sounds like a worthy stream.

Young Buffalo‘s Young Von Prettylips seems like it might fit in with all the the ’90s indie rock coming out lately. They’ve also toured with The Vaccines, Tennis, and most recently with the buzz-worthy Wu Lyf. So you know they’re keeping good company. Check it out.

Japanese band Shonen Knife take their girl-group inspired pop-punk and pay homage to The Ramones on their new album Osaka Ramones. It’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of Shonen Knife or a fan of The Ramones, this would be one to hear.

Also up for streaming: The new Amy LaVare, Meredith Bragg, The Dead Trees, and Willie Evens Jr. albums.

Last but not least, Exlcaim.ca has the new Portugal The Man album In The Mountain In The Cloud streaming. I’ve always wanted to check out more of their stuff, so this is good timing for me. I’m definitely going to give it a go. Exclaim.ca had this to say:

In the Mountain in the Cloud is the seventh album from this hard-working group, which is an astonishing feat when you consider that they only formed in 2004. The group features John Gourley and Zachary Carothers, formerly of the post-hardcore band Anatomy of a Ghost.

Dan Gorman

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