Free Stream: Dream Jefferson’s Punch Perm EP

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! New EP from Toronto’s finest party-rockers Dream Jefferson has finally hit the intertubes!

But seriously, Dream Jeff have been rocking Toronto’s indie-rock and hip-hop scene for a while now, and they’ve released the follow up to their debut EP (Sasquatch Bury Their Dead) today with PUNCH PERM.

Another blast of party-rap meets heady underground styles, PUNCH PERM is a slam dunk for these dudes. I’ve honestly never seen a band go at it as hard as Dream Jeff does, in both their live shows and their recorded material. As usual, the production from Corboe absolutely kills. From upbeat anthems — like opener “Robokill Beneath Disco Club Layla” — to the more somber “Westminster Abbey”, these tracks all hit hard in their own way.

There is a reason that Dream Jeff often perform at rock shows — their beats and production appeal to hip-hop fans, but the deeply layered arrangements and subtle guitar from Ian Strasbourg are sure to catch the ear of any open-minded indie-rock fan.

The bottom line is that this EP is an exhilarating collection of tunes, and you should definitely be heading over to their Bandcamp to grab the free download. Furthermore, if you’re a resident of Ottawa, you best be making your way to Maverick’s tonight (Friday, July 22nd) for the PUNCH PERM Release Party w/Crush Buildings & KWES.

Go ahead, be gone! You’ve got free music to download!


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  1. Now that’s some cover art!

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