Stream: Moonface’s “Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped”

Sorry about missing the weekly stream round-up, there wasn’t a ton of stuff catching my ear this week. Luckily, SPIN has stepped in with their stream of the brand new Moonface (Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade / Sunset Rubdown) record Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped (Out August 2nd via Jagjagwar).

This is his follow up to the Marimba & Shit Drums EP he did a while back, and this time — as the title so obviously states — he’s playing with layers upon layers of organ. And also like his last EP, this is pretty fantastic stuff. A lot of the songs here click along at a mid-tempo, but the way Krug introduces and removes layers of sound carries over from the Marimba EP. Combined with his signature vocals, it makes a wholly enjoyable listen. SPIN quotes Krug as saying:

The 37-minute effort is “dense, but in a satisfying way… like eating a small, heavy piece of cheesecake. It’s music played with an organ, organ beats, organ beeps and bloops, and some digital drums. Music based on layers and loops, the hypnotizing sound of a Leslie speaker, and the onslaught of melody.”

What do you think? Go check out the stream at SPIN!


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