Shiny New Things: Thursday Edition

So it’s Thursday afternoon and the long weekend is so close that maybe you’ve already mentally checked out of productivity mode and what you really want to do is look at hilarious GIFs or videos of small animals being really goddamn adorable. Well, I don’t have any of those but I do have a collection of recently released music videos that I highly recommend clapping your eyeballs on.

Broken Bricks – Jigsaw

My first introduction to Broken Bricks came at NXNE during the Wednesday night TWM showcase and I was immediately won over by their hooky and seamless blend of retro pop, blues and rock. Since then they have played a series of successful dates in NYC and released a video for their new track “Jigsaw.” Watching with the expectations established by the gothic and vaudeville sensibilities of their live performance, I was not disappointed. Independently made by Sally Cinnamon this gem was shot on Super 8 film around Toronto.

Bonus:  If you’re in Toronto today (July 28, 2011) Broken Bricks are playing this evening at Sneaky Dee’s so head on over and let them know how much you loved the video!

Glory Glory – Wild Swans

This summer saw the Halifax pop trio embark on an Eastern Canada tour, including two spots at the NXNE festival in Toronto, streamline the band name to Glory Glory (from the SEO unfriendly Glory Glory Man United) and debut a new music video for “Wild Swans”, a track from their soon to be released EP You Need a Heart to Live.  Lots of exciting things happening for these guys lately so you definitely want to check out Wild Swans,  the conclusion to a trio of stop motion animated videos (Repeat, Dull and Fish in the Water) by band member Gavin Maclean.

OK Go – All is not lost

If you’re familiar with OK Go’s previous videos (Treadmills! Marching Bands! Choreographed Dancing! All the Dogs! Rube Goldberg Machine!) then you know that they have mind-bending, ground-breaking and just plain cool all in the bag. This latest video keeps up the tradition of collaboration with an assist from the the Pilobolus dance troupe and features the band and dancers in teal full body leotards on a glass table doing what isn’t really interpretative dance but something more akin to synchronized swimming on dry land. Really. And when you’re done with this video you can spend some quality time on the band’s youtube channel which I promise is a treasure trove of hilarity and perfect for staying entertained until quitting time.

NYT Behind the Scenes and Making Of the video you just watched!

Balcony TV – Parks & Rec at NXNE

This last entry isn’t a music video, but an episode of BalconyTV with one of TWM’s favourite bands, Parks & Rec. Shot during NXNE, this video tells you everything you need to know about why Parks & Rec should be one of your top picks.

Meghan Swinkels

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