Stream Three Greys Tracks Off Their Ultra Sorta EP

Greys are a Toronto four-piece — featuring two ex-members of Arietta — and they’re another group I stumbled upon while lurking around Bandcamp’s #Toronto tag. Much like an earlier post from this week, I was struck by their album art and gave their songs a go. I have no idea how I’ve never heard or seen them before, because this is some great stuff.

Greys play on the aggressive side of the indie-rock spectrum, but they don’t just stop there. Over the course of Ultra Sorta they make plenty of detours through post-hardcore, punk, art-rock, math-rock and more. Not to genre drop on you there, but they dabble in so many different styles it’s amazing it all works so well — but it does. And all while maintaining a solid sense of melody.

They’ve got three songs off their Ultra Sorta EP up to stream, and they are well worth the listen. The album is available on iTunes for digital purchase as well. Greys are touring the US right now, but I’m definitely going to hit up their next show at Sneaky Dee’s (August 25th), because they sound like a band I need to see live.


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