Changed name, changed sound for Glory Glory

Halifax’s Glory Glory — formerly Glory Glory Man United — are a changed band.  Or maybe, better explained, a matured band?  They’ve dropped the Man United portion of the name, which was probably going to end up getting them punched by a drunk “football” fan somewhere down the road, as they aren’t really fans of the sport.  And gone are the days when listening to Glory Glory was an awful lot like listening to Nada Surf.  I love Nada Surf and therefore instantly found myself drawn to Glory Glory, but when a comparison treads to close to imitation you run the risk of not getting taken as seriously as you would like.

But this change hasn’t come out of left field.  Over the last few years, Rancho has played home to Glory Glory when they swung through Toronto.  Some shows have gone great, some not-so-great, but what has never changed is the band has constantly been growing and evolving.  So as I now sit here and tell you that the three-song album preview the band just dropped on Bandcamp sounds like a completely changed and absolutely vital indie-rock experience, I can’t say that I am all that surprised.
I wouldn’t call this band poppy anymore; instead, that poppiness has been replaced with subtle grooves mixed into the web of rock (with post-rock undertones) that Glory Glory is now working within.  It reminds me of the sophomore album that Ten Kens never released.  After showing so much promise, Ten Kens lost a few band members and re-tooled, and their sound changed considerably.  But if they had kept growing and playing as a unit, I bet that second album would have had this same visceral, tribal indie-rock feel.
Here’s hoping that these three tracks are just the beginning of an amazing third album from Glory Glory. They are available at a name-your-price cost at Bandcamp, or you can stream them. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

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One response to “Changed name, changed sound for Glory Glory

  1. Jimmy Cain

    I want a Glory Glory – Lordy Lordy double bill!

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