Monster Fever — Coming to eat you soon!


So imagine this, will you? You start a band, filled with accomplished musicians, from projects that you know and love, with the idea of performing a few times a year around Halloween. Your gimmick: You are basically like the Roots, with a full live band including drums, guitar, bass and a few frontmen who spit raps. The twist is that all your raps are about monsters, and you yourselves are dressed in elaborate monster costumes.

Sounds like a great plan, right? Well, sort of. It is until you realize that everyone thinks this band is awesome and you love playing in it so much that it is always on the back of your mind all year long. So what do you do? Monster Fever decided to say fuck it to that playing-a-few-times-a-year bullshit and take their sound out on the road all year round. I, for one, am stoked that they made this decision.

They even have a brand new full length called Monster Size Problems that you can stream right off their site. I can’t express to you enough how seriously these guys take this project. Oh, it is bloody hilarious, but you could never tell that these Monsters are self aware. I know a lot of people rapping in Canada right now who can’t even come close to rapping like these guys can AND who play beats off an iPod with little to no live instrumentation. But not Monster Fever. So yeah, it’s a gimmick — but a gimmick done well is a gimmick worth hearing.

They even load their set with jokes told from the perspective of monsters, often responding to cheering and clapping with comments like “Thank you humans, I’m almost going to feel bad eating you after the show.” When we had them at Rancho last year on Devil’s Night, myself, friends and our staff fell in love with them. I actually have been in touch ever since to see when they were going to start touring more regularly.

This not making sense for you? You can check out an example of their performance from a recent show at the Casbah, of their track “Hunger Years”. And after that, you can plan to attend the upcoming TWM show at Rancho on Wedneday August 17th. The night also features Fun Fact and the always awesomely entertaining Alex Sheriff closing the night out. Monster Fever will be entertaining you humans in the middle spot at around 10:30. The show is PWYC, suggested $5.

Life if too serious to never have any fun. Monster Fever will provide you with that. Just be aware that you may be eaten.

Take a test drive of a stream of: “Hunger Pains”!


Dan Wolovick



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2 responses to “Monster Fever — Coming to eat you soon!

  1. I love it! Will have to check them out.

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