First Listen Monologues: The Noble Truths

Welcome to First Listen Monologues!  This is a new feature on Two Way Monologues, offering you streams to exclusive musical content not yet released to the public.  For our first stream, we’ve chosen The Noble Truths, who will be releasing this very album Saturday night August 20th at Rancho Relaxo with the Blind Sides and Nick Kartzali.  

The Noble Truths are a young and hungry band, filled with some of the nicer folks in the Toronto music industry. They previously released a Bandcamp of demos, but in all honesty there is no comparison to those and the tightness and promise of what is featured on this debut EP. If you have ever found yourself into Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, the Strokes and other bands of that ilk then you are a strong candidate to enjoy this up and coming Toronto indie-rock outfit.


Listen up Toronto: this five-piece is young and still in school, so this show on August 20th is the last one they have planned in Toronto for a while. Oh, they’ll be back sooner or later. But the band is scattered all over the place once September rolls around. So if you like what you hear, come by! But if I didn’t tell you that, you probably wouldn’t have guessed it with mature songwriting like “Pop Culture Junkie”, a personal favourite of mine.

As someone who books well over 20 bands a week and hears countless more than that to narrow it down to those 20, I can honestly say that the Noble Truths have found something here. The difference between some of the city’s biggest buzz bands within this genre and the Noble Truths is negligible at best. Toronto just hasn’t had the pleasure to hear it yet.

In a local music scene where many bands are perilously running with scissors, the Noble Truths have their feet planted firmly on the ground and a very bright future on the horizon. Enjoy the stream!

Dan Wolovick


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  1. Now if the playcount would actually work. The soundcloud site shows people are playing them but not this player? Weird.

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