On The Rise: Canadian Duo Purity Ring

Canadian electronic duo Purity Ring — consisting of vocalist Megan James and Corin Roddick — have been making the rounds lately on various blogs across the internet. The duo may not be the most prolific — they’ve been together about a year and have three songs thus far — but everything they have released sounds amazing.

Megan’s gorgeous vocals fit perfectly over Corin Roddick’s slightly glitchy electronic beats and floating synth-lines. I’ve been really quite enamored with Megan as a vocalist, I think her performances on these songs are all great. So far “Ungirthed” is my personal favourite, but all three really show a band who are the verge of blowing up in a big way. Check out the streams of “Ungirthed”, “Lofticries”, and “Belispeak”, in that order below.

“Belispeak” is seeing a release as one half of a split seven-inch with fellow Canadian buzzband Braids on October 10th via Fat Possum.


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