First Listen Monologues: Go For the Eyes’ “One Through Four EP”

Go For the Eyes are an up-and-coming band from Calgary, Alberta. Well, that isn’t entirely fair — in Calgary, they’ve already up and came quite a bit. Now they’re ready and willing to take the next step. Instead of resting on their successes, they’ve setting their sights on something much bigger: the country as a whole!

The band made their first trek out across the country to play Canadian Music Week last year and they left that experience hungry and wanting more — and to be honest, Toronto definitely wanted to see more of them as well. When you leave an impression like Go For the Eyes did, it is important to get back before they forget about you. So, next Tuesday Go For The Eyes release their new EP, One Through Four, and TWM’s second ever First Listen Monologues feature has an advance stream of the entire album! This is the first time you can hear it, anywhere.

This band is a fascinating combination of styles that just keeps evolving and changing as they grow. They aren’t quite indie-rock — just a bit heavier than what I would classify as that. But they aren’t hard-rock, far too catchy and the songwriting doesn’t quite fit into that packaging either. Then you add some surprising electro elements and the ability to mix in poppy hooks and choruses, and what you have is a band that doesn’t want to fit into whatever package you want to put them in. They just want to rock and leave you to decide how to explain what they sound like! And I haven’t even mentioned yet that one of their singers, Elise Roller, has to be one of the most talented Indie musicians going in Canada right now.

Their hometown CD release is set for September 10th at The Marquee Room w/ support from Bronx Monster, Everybody Left and Taylor Cochrane. Then they’ll be touring their way out to Toronto, where they will do their release party on September 24th at Rancho Relaxo w/ Surviving the Zombies, the Ooh Baby Gives Me Mores and U.R.V. Khan closing it out. Go For the Eyes will take to the stage at around 11:30, and you will want to make absolutely certain you do not miss it.

There’s your details; there’s your lead in. Now, please do enjoy our exclusive stream of the excellent One Through Four EP courtesy of First Listen Monologues. Much thanks to the folks in Go For The Eyes for allowing us to do this!


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One response to “First Listen Monologues: Go For the Eyes’ “One Through Four EP”

  1. Brenda Drolet

    Great music can’t wait to see them live!!

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