Stream Old World Vulture’s Digital Single “Trophy Lovers”

We’re all pretty big post-rock fans here at TWM, and for our money Old World Vulture are definitely one of Toronto’s brightest post-rock acts. Their self-titled EP was one of 2010’s highlights, and received critical acclaim across the board.

Now they’re back with a new digital single from their upcoming debut LP. The song is called “Trophy Lovers”, and sees the band pushing synths to the forefront and taking an even more atmospheric approach than we’ve heard from them in the past.

“After we released the EP, our song writing evolved in a more synth-based direction,” says drummer Jamie Hunter. “The new songs are more focused and intricate with a strong emphasis on melody, not just sheer volume and noise. ‘Trophy Lovers’ is a result from those writing sessions. We didn’t want to be confined to any one genre, and wanted our songs to fit well on a playlist that boasts as much Steely Dan as it does M83. But don’t get us wrong, at the end of the day we still want to be the loudest band in the room.”

These guys are totally a band to watch, as anyone who has witnessed their live show will tell you (check out this video we shot of OWV at NXNE 2010 if you don’t believe us). So without further ado, here’s the new single from “Trophy Lovers”:


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