Hue & The Indie Machine Present: The Hue-Liday Show

This Thursday night, my friends with the Indie Machine team up with excellent Toronto-by-way-of-London indie-rockers Hue to put on a “Hue-liday” spectacular.  I like a good pun, but the real reason I am eager to write about this is because I believe Hue is up to something in a big way right about now.

The first time I saw Hue, it had been a hell of a night. We’d put four bands on a bill, but the night had been going somewhat poorly. The bar minimum was in serious doubt, and as such my friends and I were rather knee-deep into the whiskey — trying to drink up a miracle, or something like it. But then, just a bit after 12 a slew of people started charging in the Ranch. Thankfully I hadn’t closed the door yet or I would have lost all their cover. One band was left to play: Hue. To be honest, I didn’t know them — I just knew they were friends of the other London act on the bill, Say Domino, and were formerly from that city. Turns out they were already cultivating a decent following in the Big Smoke.
They played a fantastic set of soaring indie-rock, extremely tight with terrific harmonies and an insane amount of energy. But maybe I was just a little too tipsy to properly evaluate them. To put that theory to the test, I dragged Meghan Swinkels and her friend Paige out to Hue‘s set at Tribeca in Halifax at Halifax Pop Explosion. Tribeca is a restaurant with a sort of hole-in-the-wall venue in the back. Naturally, I felt quite at home. But the venue was having major issues; the festival had not sent a sound tech, and the people there could not possibly get Hue and all their awesomeness working on the stage. I had absolutely no affiliation with the show and I still felt myself having a minor panic attack, but not Hue. Eventually they got everything working, and in about 30 seconds it was apparent that I had not been too tipsy — Hue was everything I remembered and so much more. They took that tiny room — delay and all — and made it their own. If you are fan of indie-rock like Amos the Transparent or Wildlife, then you are a fan of Hue. You just might not know it yet.

As previously mentioned, this Thursday night Hue returns to Rancho for the first time in quite while with friends Alright Alright, Kevin Myles Wilson, and neGar. When a band as dynamic live as Hue plays in a room like Rancho with the right crowd, it can truly be a night unlike any other place in the city. I am expecting nothing less from Hue when they perform on Thursday night.

The band has released a special Christmas song called “In December” which is a free download with a like of their fan page — a bargain if I do say so myself! Its actually quite a good song which is saying something, because I am a tough sell when it comes to Christmas-related songs…and not because I was born a Jew either. While you’re there, take a second to look around and consider hitting the Ranch up on Thursday night!
Dan Wolovick


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