You Wanna Kiss About It? Bulletproof Tiger suggest that you might…


Bulletproof Tiger are a ferocious beast of insanely tight instrumental post-rock. Their passion brought them from Windsor to Toronto to continue to chase their musical goals. Bulletproof Tiger isn’t (yet) a household name here in the Toronto music scene, but I’m not sure they ever gave a fuck about that.

They’ve broke into the underground scene in a big way and have been hard at work on their new release, You Wanna Kiss About It? With instrumental music, more than any other genre I can think of, the recorded album is still your best and most effective way to move your band along. In that way, you could argue, instrumental rock and various other instrumental underground genres are the most honest form of recorded musical expression going right now. You know, a type of music that where people still listen to a release in its entirety? That they still buy at shows, they still pay to download, and don’t just know a song or two and tolerate the rest? But I digress, back to the matter at hand.

Bulletproof Tiger first played for me a few years back and a couple times after that. The result was generally the same, mediocre turnouts (if we were lucky) and about a dozen jaws firmly on the floor. Mindless head banging from some, complete and utter confusion from others. Make no doubt about it, Bulletproof Tiger challenges you with their music. If you like very consistent song structure, timing, choruses etc. Then you should probably go grab a Lana Del Ray track but for the musically brave Bulletproof Tiger is an animal but a rewarding beast nonetheless.

Now, You Wanna Kiss About It? — the first thing you should know is that this isn’t like a quick pecking session. Neither is it one passionate French that lasts a couple minutes. If you really want to experience this album, you need to set aside just under 40 minutes for a serious make-out session. These tracks haven’t been cobbled together; they play into each other very meticulously and everything is done with such precision that listening to it any other way won’t give you the same satisfaction.

What I love most about these recordings is the restraint. Every part of this well-oiled machine can be heard very clearly — when they want you to hear it. The dizzying guitar is always there, but it isn’t cranked so high above everything else that it gets exhausting. To be able to paint a vivid picture or tell a complicated story without the use of words is a skill that very few have, but Bulletproof Tiger has it in spades. Not to mention, they also have some pretty incredible songs names like “An Awkward Moment With a Grilled Cheese Sandwich,” “Paper, socks, raper” or “Christopher ‘Walken’ Reeve.”

It’s hard to get just the right breaks for a band like this, but I have seen first hand what has happened for acts like Arms & Sleepers and Giraffes? Giraffes! when they go out on tours. I can’t imagine Bulletproof Tiger are far away from starting to get those types of opportunities and from there, well, there really is no limit how far they can go. Use the provided stream but really, just pay the $5 because you are going to want to listen to this about 5000 more times. Touch the tiger, pet the tiger, kiss the tiger.


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One response to “You Wanna Kiss About It? Bulletproof Tiger suggest that you might…

  1. ginger

    one of the best bands out there!!! get to know the bulletproof tiger. you won’t be sorry….

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