Summer Vacation’s Condition Stream & Review

I’ve mentioned before — when reviewing artists on the punk side of the indie spectrum — that there seems to be a new generation of bands who aren’t content playing just punk or indie music. Bands like Joyce Manor and By Surprise have taken all their influences, from indie to math-rock, post-punk and beyond, and thrown them in the melting pot. This is exactly what Summer Vacation‘s latest album Condition does, and it’s working better than ever.

Fresh off a split with Joyce Manor and a pretty solid EP called Angry At The World, Summer Vacation‘s Condition is — in my opinion — their most consistent work yet. Listening to the opening fuzzed-vocal explosion of  “I Know What You Want” is exhilarating, but they take quite the turn on “Post-You”. The song starts with a plucky riff that over time gets tinged with delay and distortion. The vocals are a far cry from the gang-chants you heard on the opening two songs, but the jump works. I wouldn’t go as far to say the track is a slow-burn, but it takes time to build and recede until the climax.

“The Flower That Drank The Moon” is also a huge stand-out for me, sounding exactly like three or four different bands I would have listened to in High School squeezed into a scant minute fifty-five running time. I guess that’s my point here, these guys are simultaneously playing the kind of music I used to dig as a kid, and the kind of music I grew to like during my College years. They’ve hit that sweet spot, and Summer Vacation‘s Condition should please any punk or indie-rock fan looking for a tight, noisy, catchy record right now. It’s out on Recess Records & Razorcake (LP), Lauren Records (CD), and Keep It Together (Tape). Stream the album — or purchase it — through their bandcamp page.

Dan Gorman

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  1. It’s not really my kind of music, but it sounds pretty nice 🙂

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