Dave Whitty — Bringing the “rock” to Toronto a few sets of ears at a time

Let me introduce you to Dave Whitty. Dave’s story isn’t all that different from that of the many other Newfoundlanders who spend large portions of the year away from home, but Dave does it for a very different reason: to advance his career as a musician. Having played solo and with band in Newfoundland for quite some time Dave recently migrated by himself to Toronto, where he has began to go to work to gain the same obsessed crowd, with all his lyrics memorized, that he has back home.

Since Dave has moved to Toronto he’s been making his musical home at the Rancho Relaxo, regularly coming out to delight his fellow Newfoundlanders and friends who now find themselves in the Big Smoke, and slowly but surely convincing the stubborn Torontonians as well. I happen to be easier sell, what with my wife being a Newfoundlander and all, but most Torontonians hear the accent and start talking about Great Big Sea and don’t even give a folky sounding artist from the Rock a chance to actually prove himself. That, my friends, is complete and utter bullshit.

Why do I say that? Well, in part because Dave Whitty is one of, if not the most, dynamic solo performers I’ve had at the Rancho in some time. Usually I tend to put solo acts on the weeknights, as they don’t play loud enough for the weekend crowd or can’t win them over. That isn’t a problem with Mr. Whitty, though as he is very used to having to sing, strum, and stomp over a fairly lubricated crowd. I guess that’s part of the benefit cutting your teeth out in Newfoundland?

Just recently Dave put out his new album — it’s available on iTunes and you can stream it for free and/or buy it over at his brand new bandcamp. But what you should probably do is come on down to the Rancho Relaxo this Saturday Feb 4th for an awesome show of some of the best bands to listen and drink with going right now.

The namesake of this article, Dave Whitty, will start the night just after 10 PM. Don`t be late, I know you Newfoundlanders have a tendency to show up on your own time. Please don`t because you`ll miss some of the set! After that we have the long-anticipated return to the Rancho of The Stables. How much do I love the Stables? Enough to have them play my rehearsal dinner! They’re an amazing live band and some of the nicest guys you`ll ever encounter. Closing it out we have The Skirt Chasers! Damn I’ve missed these two on the Rancho stage. They have gone on record to say they have a special and unique Skirt Chasers set for this show.

I do not write these unless I really want to get the point across, people. This is a show you should be at.




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