Introducing: Moderation — Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On My Lord

A week from today, on Feb 21st, Moderation takes the stage at Rancho Relaxo. Who is Moderation? Well, there isn’t much known about the band yet. A little over a year ago I met band member Joe MacMillan performing in a band with a tremendous talent, Maccie Paquette. Then he went to PEI and I hadn’t heard much from him — until we recently booked a show under the name Moderation.

The performance next Tuesday night is a very special one indeed. The entire night will be recorded in 5:1 audio and video for an upcoming DVD release of Moderation’s set at the Rancho. Just today, Joe sent me the video below that the band is using for promo for the show next Tuesday. The video shows the powerful, soulful, bluesy side of Joe and might very well send shivers right up your spine. Take a listen for yourself — the sound quality is incredible and the video looks great.

Joining Moderation will be opener Rory, and in the middle is the Mount Pleasant Symphony Orchestra — actually a side project of Sub Pop’s Memory House. So needless to say, this show is stacked with talent. But you don’t need me to tell you that, just watch the video!


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One response to “Introducing: Moderation — Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On My Lord

  1. Love the flangy, bluesy, edgy notes. Way to fill a room.

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