Two Way Monologues Presents at Canadian Music Fest #3: Topanga

A few Fridays back, saw two absolute powerhouses of the on-the-rise Toronto indie-music scene celebrating with music releases at Sneaky Dee’s and the Horseshoe Tavern. I can only imagine how many people were collectively in attendance at those shows, so admittedly we’re rather stoked that both Topanga and the Elwins will be on the stage back-to-back on Sunday night of the festival at Rancho Relaxo.

If anyone has the energy and enthusiasm to still be standing — and more than likely drinking — at the end of the festival, it’s Topanga!  Their music literally shoots out of an indie-rock cannon. The only other band I can really think of that does indie-rock with this much enthusiasm and energy right now is Honheehonehee — and not surprisingly, those bands have become quite fond of sharing bills together.

Having just released a 7″ titled Oceans, Topanga’s star just continues to rise.  The only complaint I have about it is it leaves me wanting so much more than just two songs! Perhaps that’s because the whole she-bang only runs for just under five minutes? Topanga have been putting the punk ethic into explosive Toronto indie-rock since 2011. The 7″ was recorded with the help of Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up, Arkells) and is being released by Royal Mountain Records, who are one of the most forward-thinking and exciting label outfits going right now. In fact, I have a little gentlemen’s bet with Vince of Royal Mountain Records that Topanga won’t even have any of their seven-inches left by the end of the festival.  That, my friends, is a problem well worth having.

I’d be being totally and unfairly biased if I didn’t mention that you actually have two chances to see Topanga during the festival, as they’ll also be playing the Silver Dollar at midnight on Thursday. The only downer about that is it means that they and Honheehonhee will be in the same time slot. The plus side is they both play loud enough you might be able to hear them from anywhere in between the two venues. In the meantime I strongly suggest looking up @Topangamusic on the Twitter as they are probably the most entertaining Toronto act to follow there, as far as I am concerned.

What I really love about Topanga is that they aren’t only writing and playing great music but they are out there supporting it and living it constantly. All types of music. Topanga aren’t too cool for you in a time when being too cool is all too cool, if you catch what I’m saying. It’s actually why they are a perfect crescendo to what will be a festival at Rancho Relaxo booked by Two Way Monologues with that very same ethic.

One more time: Sunday March 25th at 12:00 sharp. You can see the full lineup for the night here — just scroll down to Rancho.  If you want you can buy advance tickets as well, or you can save a few bucks and get em at the door.  Just come early because if there is any justice in this indie music world, that show is going to be crammed!

Listen here!


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