See You Next Wednesday CMF/CMW Special Featuring: Dan Wolovick!

In the latest episode of Toronto Based podcast See You Next Wednesday, your friendly hosts and Rancho Relaxo bartender Greg Legros (Casey Lyons couldn’t make it today) along with music junkie slash TWM writer Dan Gorman are chatting with Rancho Relaxo booker and TWM head honcho Dan Wolovick. Join us as we talk for a whole hour about every band performing at Rancho Relaxo this year for Canadian Music Fest. Get yr pens out and take note, because there’s a ton of awesome music this year and you’re going to want to check them all out!

As always, make sure you cram our RSS feed from the official See You Next Wednesday page into your android or iPhone podcast app of choice! Otherwise, hit that link up at the bottom of the post for a convenient MP3.

Click here to download our CMW/CMF special!


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