See You Next Wednesday Episode 8 Featuring Film Roulette, Music Reviews & More!

And we’re back at it again, with our 8th episode of See You Next Wednesday. This week in Film Roulette, we take aim at the horror-comedy cult-classic in the making Cabin in the Woods, and the train wreck that is The Three Stooges. Then, as always, we roll for next week’s movies: Streetdance 2 3D and The Hunter. Before all that though, Greg and Casey got to see Disappears live and we’ll hear what they have to say about that.

Lee Fields & The Expressions have a brand new album of blistering soul, and Terrible Feelings try to ape the 70s — but can they pull it off? Find out when we review both records. Then we move on to a rousing game of Hero Swap – soon to be a full segment here on SYNW. And we round it out with more ALF talk, because who doesn’t like ALF? Well, a lot of people I imagine…

Direct Download: SYNW_08_MAIN.mp3


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